Our design process enables our clients to experience their future outdoor living environments with photo-realistic three dimensional (3D) design presentations, offering instant clarity to all aspects of the developed design.   

Our Process:

Step 1: Design Consultation

Contact Us to schedule an initial design consultation. The goal of this meeting is to become acquainted with the client & their specific needs. Gaining a firm understanding of the client's family & social life is an essential step in designing an outdoor living space that exceeds our clients' expectations. We will also view the project area & discuss any specific project features that are desired, the project budget, & the project timeline.


Following the design consultation, EnTerra Design Group will provide a comprehensive design proposal, outlining the design scope of work, deliverables, timeline, & cost of the design services to be provided. 

STEP 3: SITE ANALYSIs & Evaluation

The first step in the design production process is to perform a thorough site analysis & evaluation, in which we gather critical site information needed to ensure the design integrates seamlessly into the existing environment. It is ideal, and in many cases a requirement, to begin planning from an existing or new survey of the property to ensure accuracy and confirm that there are no restrictions in the project area for the proposed scope of work.  

Step 4: DESIGN Development

After the site analysis & evaluation, EnTerra Design Group will begin development of the project design. We utilize advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Three Dimensional (3D) Modeling Software to develop precise & photo-realistic designs. For outdoor living projects, the end result is an immersive 3D design with the ability to "fly-through" the environment and visualize the project addition integrated into the existing residence. 

Step 5: Design Presentation

As progress is underway on the design development, we will contact our clients to schedule a design presentation meeting at a convenient time & location. This is an exciting & engaging meeting in which our clients have the opportunity to "experience" their future outdoor living environments with instant clarity on all aspects of the developed design, allowing for clear communication of any needed revisions. Often, minor revisions can be adjusted as a collaborative effort with our clients during the design presentation meeting. If more extensive revisions are needed, these items will be agreed upon along with the time frame for completion.

Step 6: Bid Process & Project Management

EnTerra Design Group offers management services from assistance with the Architectural Review (HOA) approval process, to bid procurement & high-level project oversight. We discuss these management options with our clients & tailor the best approach for their specific project needs.

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