Design Inside The Lines

As design & build professionals in the pool & outdoor living industry, we have a responsibility to be attentive of the “lines” that regulate our work. Whether it be property setbacks, zoning requirements, surrounding infrastructure, site access, etc., there are constraints that apply pressure to our creative process on seemingly every project, some more so than others. The trick is to not become frustrated; to not to allow the “lines” to win. It’s our job to view the particularly challenging situations/project locations as opportunities to flex our professional and creative abilities. We must also know when to tap other professionals in the industry with specialty skill-sets, e.g. geotechnical, structural & hydraulic engineering, that can assist in the design and planning process to ensure a successful outcome. Read the full article below>

Integrity In Design: Prevailing Aspirations

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; 
moral uprightness. Integrity is at the center of what allows someone to rise above the status quo and set a higher standard of quality. For us to honestly and morally provide our services, we must not be complacent and rather continue to strive for the betterment of our practices in design, engineering and construction, because there is always room for improvement. Read the full article below>

The Influence of Technology

As the watershapes and surrounding outdoor living environments we create continue to advance, it is imperative to stay current with the technologies that help us continue to push the envelope. There is no substitute or shortcut for acquiring the knowledge required to execute our projects, only education and experience can provide for this; however, technology truly affords us the ability to push this knowledge to new heights and to create some incredibly complex and functional works of art. I am a firm believer in embracing current and developing technologies as tools to improve processes, and ultimately to provide for better outcomes and experiences. My role in this industry is mostly within the design, client interaction and construction documentation sphere, and as such, I will be highlighting several of the key technologies I utilize in my process; those which I feel are critical for me to serve my role in this industry to the best of my ability. Read the full article below>

Stepped Sanctuary: World's Greatest Pools Award

This project blurs the line of indoor & outdoor living. The poolscape is designed to truly be an extension of the home, immediately stepping down from the covered verandas off the back of the home. This project design won prestigious recognition by being selected as one of the World's Greatest Pools, a Pebble Technology International Award. See the full project profile here>

This project design won prestigious recognition by being selected as one of the World's Greatest Pools, a Pebble Technology International Award.